age: 8 - Gender: male

Zochos, after seven years, is the shelter's longest resident. The long-legged black labrador cross was one of a group of strays living in the town square, fed by local animal lovers. As tourist season approached the municipality decided to do a clean up; Zochos, who suffers from a chronic skin condition on his face, was one of the first to go. Though otherwise fit and healthy, the skin problem persists despite numerous attempts at treatment. To give Zochos a break from life at the shelter volunteer Nick is fostering him at his home, but eventually the old fellow will have to return to his pen. Zochos loves attention and is fine with other dogs. He's still hoping to find a warm home in which to spend his final years. Zochos has a sense of humour and likes to play and is kind to all other dogs and cats

The Others

  • Andreas age: 4 years - Gender: male
  • Phoebe age: 2,5 years - Gender: female
  • Mascot age: 3,5 years - Gender: male
  • Heidiage: 5 years - Gender: female
  • Billyage: 8 months - Gender: male
  • Sotos age: 5 years - Gender: male
  • Zochosage: 8 - Gender: male
  • Aria age: 2,5 years - Gender: female
  • Mozart
  • AngyAngy is a typical Greek looking dog, big body, small legs
  • MoshaMosha is our longest resident of the shelter, she has been with us for 6 years now
  • AgileasBig black and white teddy bear
  • Small with a big heart
  • DoukaSweet playful puppy named Douka
  • FoxyShy Foxy
  • GlykaSmall but fierce
  • GinoSweet funny faced Gino
  • HaliHairy funny guy
  • HaroulaHaroula knows exactly what she wants and how she can get it
  • KokiniKing of making funny faces
  • LucyBiggest cuddler in a big body with small legs
  • MaggieLittle turbo
  • NinaA lot of energy and a lot of love
  • Terrysmall and shy
  • Yannaplayful happy Yanna

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