age: 8 months - Gender: male

Adopt me Provide me food, shelter and medicine
age: 8 months - Gender: male

Billy: The once pretty village of Temploni is overlooked by the blight and stink of the municipal landfill, a rubbish mountain that has long been the scourge of this part of central Corfu.There a herd of abandoned dogs live and breed. They struggle to survive amidst the bulldozers and trucks shifting and shoveling the mess to and fro, beneath an ever present swarm of seagulls who compete with the dogs for the culinary delights of the dump. Our big boy Billy, despite being less than a year old, was removed from the landfill because his pit bull type appearance frightened people. But Billy is the gentlist of dogs. When you go into his pen will lay down, roll over onto his back and look into your face with kindly golden eyes. We don't yet know how he behaves on walks with other dogs as he is afraid to come out of his pen. Billy is at 10 months of age 60 cm. and 35 kgs. He is neutered and awaits the chance to show a special someone what a lovely boy he is.

The Others

  • Andreas age: 4 years - Gender: male
  • Phoebe age: 2,5 years - Gender: female
  • Mascot age: 3,5 years - Gender: male
  • Heidiage: 5 years - Gender: female
  • Billyage: 8 months - Gender: male
  • Sotos age: 5 years - Gender: male
  • Zochosage: 8 - Gender: male
  • Aria age: 2,5 years - Gender: female
  • Mozart
  • AngyAngy is a typical Greek looking dog, big body, small legs
  • MoshaMosha is our longest resident of the shelter, she has been with us for 6 years now
  • AgileasBig black and white teddy bear
  • Small with a big heart
  • DoukaSweet playful puppy named Douka
  • FoxyShy Foxy
  • GlykaSmall but fierce
  • GinoSweet funny faced Gino
  • HaliHairy funny guy
  • HaroulaHaroula knows exactly what she wants and how she can get it
  • KokiniKing of making funny faces
  • LucyBiggest cuddler in a big body with small legs
  • MaggieLittle turbo
  • NinaA lot of energy and a lot of love
  • Terrysmall and shy
  • Yannaplayful happy Yanna

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