age: 2,5 years - Gender: female

Adopt me Provide me food, shelter and medicine
age: 2,5 years - Gender: female

Phoebe is a happy charmer who loves people and is fine with other dogs. Spiridoula fostered her after she was chained up 24/7 by an 'owner' who got her as a gorgeous puppy but didn't want a grown up dog. She is less than 50 cm tall with a long body and short legs and weighs in at 18 kgs. Pure white with one blue eye and one brown with a touch of blue, it is a mystery as to what sort of mix Phoebe is. When you pass her pen she bounces in the air like a jack-in-the-box; you'd be surprised how high her little legs can take her. Phoebe is more than ready to find her new family.

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